Sales team consultancy for Automotive engineering businesses

An 8-step formula to increase sales by up to 40% within 12months

Rathore PSC delivers an effective and results driven sales team consultancy for automotive engineering businesses, OE, tier one and two suppliers. If you’re looking to improve the structure & focus of your sales team, we can help.

Do you feel there is lack of clarity & positioning about your product or service and its competitive advantage?

Are you constantly asking the question ‘where are my next orders are coming from?’

Is your sales team performance stagnent or generally in a downward trajectory, with the occasional large order buying you some more time, but not changing the overall trend?

Does your business development approach have a disjointed culture, no co-ordinated approach to new sales or struggle to get a clear message to your prospective clients?

Do you feel you lack a defined source for lead generation, a sales pipeline, a qualification process and outbound sales  system?

Have you tried digital approaches such as webinars and new flyers / downloadables but these don’t appear to help?

If you’re looking to improve the focus & effectiveness of your sales team, we can help. We deliver sales team consultancy to identify potential gaps in your new sales approach and implement our 8-step formula that enables a structure for success almost immediately.

Book a discovery call to talk to us to about your current needs, what’s going well and how we might help your sales team increase sales.

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Why partner with Rathore PSC?

We partner effectively with companies with an annual revenue between £200,000 to £4M who want to increase sales in a structured and controlled way.  Our consultancy works best with teams of ten or less staff in a dedicated sales role and without an existing outbound sales system. In other words there is a heavy reliance on repeat customer business and/or inbound inquiries.  We deploy our proprietary 8-step formula, which when implemented, will increase sales by up to 40% within 12 months. This is a hands on, fully optimised to your business, sales programme.

Our sales programmes (sales team consultancy option dependent) come with critical and practical tools such as a bespoke CRM / e-mail script library / outbound sales system that stays within your management after the program successfully concludes.   Talk to us to help you chose the sales team consultancy option that will work best for the needs of your business to start increasing sales.

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“Mark helped uncover the weaknesses in our sales approach and worked closely with us to turn our sales around, deploying his remarkably successful 8-step process. We’ve realised a significant increase in sales in the last 6 months that we can directly attribute to Mark’s work and training.”

Chris Bowers, CEO – CMB Automotive